Youtube Channels, Blogs and Twitter Badasses

List of Web Development Youtube Channels, Blogs and Twitter Badasses

I believe learning web development is a tough task, the web changes rapidly, too fast sometimes, I believe the best way to keep on top is by following youtube channels, blogs, podcasts, conferences and twitter personalities. This list is my personal findings , I’m happy to accept pull requests and keep the list growing up.

Youtube Channels
Games Podcasts
Reddit Channels

Youtube Channels

Useful channels | ⭐ are my Recommendations


Blog Description Link
24 ways Front-End Design Link
A List Apart Front-End Link
Coding Horror General Link
Codrops CSS Tricks & Tips Link
CSS Tricks firefirefirefire Link
CSS Wizardy ghostghostghost Link
David Walsh Front & Back End Link
Hackernoon General Link
Learn to Code with me Front-End Beginner Link
Scotch Development Front-End Link
Smashing Magazine General Link
Tania Rascia Front-End Beginner Link
Todd Motto Angular Link
Treehouse Blog Front-End Beginner Link
TutorialZine Front-End Link
Wes Bos Front End Link


Name Twitter Handle Description
Dan Abramov @dan_abramov React Guru
Daniel Shiffman @shiffman Coding Train YT Channel train2
David Heinemeier Hansson @dhh Ruby on Rails Creator
David Walsh ‏ @davidwalshblog He’s cool
Eric Elliott @_ericelliott Javascript Guru. Has a mysterious bot called @JS_Cheerleader
Evan You @youyuxi Vue Creator
Harry Roberts‏ @csswizardry Honoring his twitter handler
Jeffrey Way @jeffrey_way Laracasts Creator. PHP Guru
Jeremy Ashkenas‏ @jashkenas Backbone & Underscore Creator
John Papa ‏ @John_Papa All-around badass
Kent C. Dodds @kentcdodds ‏ Awesome everywhere
Lea Verou ‏ @LeaVerou Animations Wizard
Mattias P Johansson @mpjme FunFunFun YT Channel. Legit funny
Michael Jackson @mjackson React Training creator
Pete Hunt @floydophone React.js
Prosper Otemuyiwa @unicodeveloper The fire Developer
Rob Eisenberg @EisenbergEffect Aurelia Creator
Ryan Florence @ryanflorence React Router
Todd Motto ‏ @toddmotto Angular Wizard. Taller than it looks
Tom Dale @tomdale Javascript thinkfluencer
Tyler McGinnis @tylermcginnis33 React Training creator
Una Kravets @Una CSS Megamind. Toolsday Podcast host. Obsessed with unicorns unicorn
Wes Bos @wesbos Javascript30, React for Beginners, meat_on_bone


  • Eloquent Javascript – Link
  • You Don’t Know JS – Link
  • Exploring JS – link
  • Javascript The Good Parts – link
  • Javascript Design Patterns – link


  • Grid Garden – Link => CSS Grid
  • Flexbox Froggy – Link => Flexbox
  • CSS Diner – Link => CSS Selectors
  • Flexbox Defense – Link => Flexbox
  • Flexbox Zombies – Link => Flexbox


  • Front End Happy Hour – Link
  • Code Newbie – Link
  • JavaScript Jabber – Link
  • Shop Talk – Link
  • Syntax (Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski) – Link
  • Toolsday (Una Kravets & Chris Dhanaraj) – Link

Reddit Channels

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