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What is the Internet?

How does the Internet work?

What Is A Server?

What is Client-Server Technology?

What type of websites are there?

What doI need to Make Website?

What is Domain ?

  • Different type of domains
  • general tld
  • Gov tld
  • What is Sub domain?

What is Hosting?

  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux hosting
  • cloud hosting
  • dedicated server
  • Shared hosting
  • vps hosting
  • cpanel
  • cpanel alternative
  • mail Server

What is a DNS Server?

  • How DNS Works?
  • MX setting
  • Nameserver
  • Cname Record
  • TXT record
  • A record
  • what is Cloudflare?
  • cloud flare alternative?
  • How to use Cloudflare?
  • Why use cloud flare?

How websites are made?

What Is Html, CSS and javascript?

Learn Html

  • Html Basics
  • inline section
  • HTML divs ,classes and Ids

Learn CSS

  • CSS Basics
  • padding vs margin
  • Learn JAVAScript
  • Learn CSS Grid
  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Position Types and Basics position Short Position Basics
  • More CSS
  • Basic typography: rem vs. em vs. px Vs Em Index Basics

    Z index

    Css Flexbox

    Css Grid

What Editor to USE?

  • What is vscode?
  • Learn vscode
  • Learn emmet

What is cms?

  • Most populer cms?
  • Why Use CMS?
  • Is it good to use Cms?

What is wordpress?

  • How to add themes?
  • top 10 themes for WordPress
  • How to add plugins?
  • top 10 essential plugins
  • Top types of site that can be made by WordPress
  • What is elementor?
  • What is site builder?
  • Backing up wordpress
  • moving wordpress
  • installing wordpress
  • fantastico

Astra Tutorial Series

Astra Pro Basics

Astra Pro Typography

Astra Pro Custom Layouts

Astra Pro Default Layouts

Astra Pro Colors


Elementor Tutorial Series

First Page With Elementor

Header Image Overlay

Gradient BackGround

Elementor Blocks

Landing Page Using Elementor

Elementor Getting Started Playlist

Building Page Layouts

Template Library

Sections and Columns part 2

Sections and Columns part 3

Page Setting

Inline positioning

How to Use Column Alignment in Elementor

Custom Positioning Elementor

How to Use Custom Positioning Units For Best Mobile Responsive Behavior

Elementor v2.4: Responsive Background Image, Custom Settings and More

One Minute Howtos

Some More resources to continue your FrontEnd Journies
Learn these in your offtime not necessary now.

Step 1 :
Chrome Dev Tools Basics

Step 2 :

VsCode Tutorial


Step 3:
Htmls & CSS With VS Code

Step 4:
Html 5 Website

Step 5 :
Use these 2 sites to get more into theory and learn more in-depth Html and CSS.    W3Schools Offline 

CSS Units (CSS Lengths: rems, ems, pixels, percents, and more)

CSS Transition (CSS Animations Series Part 1)

CSS Animation & Keyframes (CSS Animations Series Part 2)

Animating the Moments — Using Animation in UX (CSS Animations Series Part 3)

Drop Down Menu — CSS Animations

VSCode ESLint, Prettier & Airbnb Style Guide Setup

Computer Programming for Beginners | Programming, Scripting & Markup Languages

What is a Compiler

What is Assembler , Interpreter & Compiler?


Filesystem Vs Database

Html and Css Full Course

Css Position Full Course

What Is Dom ?

Why Clickbait Works (And Why You Should Do More of It)

Pen Tool Tutorial

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