Tips for Starting a Business

Start with a list of where your talents and strengths are. The more honest you are with yourself the better. Then make a list of things that bring you joy. Hobbies, products you like, services you enjoy experiencing and so on. With those two lists side-by-side, brainstorm on how to marry your skills to what brings you joy. That’s the start of your journey.

  • How do you want to make $1m?
  • Help 1m people with a $1 problem?
  • Help 100,000 people with a $10 problem?
  • Help 10,000 people with a $100 problem?
  • Help 1,000 people with a $1,000 problem?

If people already have a solution that they are happy with, then moving them to your solution means that your solution has to not just be better, but better than the existing one to an extent that outweighs the pain of moving.. If it’s a product then it has to be perceived to be worth the price you are charging plus the price that they have already paid for their existing solution

Have you read ‘the lean startup’? Worth reading as the business that makes you money will be unlikely to be the business you set out to build.

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