Steps To Make A website

Step 1:

Identify Technology requirement
Like what plugins to use for extra like Bookly for booking or Woocommerse for Ecommerce or Edd for digital downloads
What theme to use ( Question Is it possible to makke it using astra? Not then Is it possible to make it using just elementor)

Install all required plugins and themes
Set up permalinks, site name, site email address

Step 2 : Make a possible sitemap using your thoughts and client requirements It should point
all the pages clients need including blogpage.

Create all those pages and change settings to setup home page and blogpage.

Setup Primary menu and publish it
Go to astra and make primary header and menu look beautiful and don’t forget to add a logo

Setup footer excactly same way
make sure that there is contrast between primary header and footer

Step 3 :
Now Start designing pages With Home Page then all other pages

Step 4 : Replce all dummy images with image provided by client

same for the all text and copy.

Step 5 :
Make sure sure all pages have same color scheme and same typography
make sure there is no dummy text on any page
make sure all links are working properly
make sure these thing are working (Contact form, buttons, call to action

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