Reddit 101

Common Reddit Terms
Subreddit – a niche forum or community with its own set of rules and guidelines. Each subreddit has moderators to filter out content and comments that don’t meet the guidelines. Almost all subreddits allow you to post content or comments without subscribing.
Upvote/Downvote – This is Reddit’s voting system. Upvote and downvote stand for approval and disapproval respectively.
Karma – You get karma when other users upvote or downvote your comments and content. There are two types of karma – post karma and comment karma. You get post karma by getting upvotes for links you post on reddit and comment karma when your comments are upvoted.
AMA – an abbreviation for Ask Me Anything, AMAs are interview sessions on Reddit where the original poster (commonly referred to as “OP”) answers questions posed by the community on certain topics.

Basic rules are
1. do not post very soon in each sub you should not post more that one per day Unless you are replying to others.
2. Your comment should be useful for the community.
3. Try to answer the question properly if you want to reply.
4. Some subs don’t like funny comments or troll so beware about
5. some subs have corrupt mods so be careful about them.

Why using this username if it is banned in 2 diff subreddit?
this one is more than 1 year old and has enough karma to post on most of the subforums.
Try to make a list of all the hobbies and interest you have. and try to find them on Reddit. Each most probably has their own subreddit. Just make your self one of the use. read the rule check what they like and what they don’t like.

How to join a new subreddit: Checklist
If you decide to try a new subreddit, here’s your quick checklist to always do that right:

Subscribe to the subreddit (Tip: You may want to unsubscribe from some defaults to clear up your home feed a bit)
Find and read all the rules. Religiously. All subreddits have different rules which you often find in the right-hand sidebar.
Browse the popular stories and read the comments (To get a better feel of what people like to discuss here)
Check “Controversial” stories to better understand what to stay away from (at least for a while)
Post comments
Try submitting something (The last thing you want to do!)
Some tools to use Reddit properly
Reddit Marketing 101: A Few Quick Tips
Here are a few quick tips to remember while posting on Reddit:

Become a valuable member of subreddits that interest you – Join all the popular subreddits in your niche and be a part of discussions that interest you. Post insightful and helpful comments on a regular basis to gain karma.

Don’t tout your own horn – Reddit users can smell self-promotion from a distance. Marketing subreddits, in particular, are vary of such antics. In order to promote your content, you need to gain enough respect (aka karma on reddit) before users start taking your content seriously. When you do post links, follow the 80:20 rule – post links to third party content 80% of the time, and the remaining 20% can be from your own blog or website.

Follow the rules and guidelines – As mentioned earlier, each subreddit has its own set of rules and guidelines. You can find these rules in the sidebar of each subreddit. Check them before posting anything on a new subreddit.

Don’t get distracted – The world of social media is full of distractions. Reddit is no exception. Before you know it, you’ll see yourself wasting precious time on subreddits such as /r/photoshopbattles or /r/videos. We suggest you use an e.ggtimer limit of 15-20 minutes and ensure that you don’t exceed the time limit. Make sure the time you spend on Reddit is to your advantage.

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