Neil’s Article Writing Guide

Shane Keizer
1 year ago
I went a long with what he had to say and these are my notes. Perhaps someone can get some value out of them (besides myself).
1. Have a slider on your page, when people slide it to the right, let what they want to achieve be there. (reward -> buy)
2. Have your call to action also in your blog post, not just some place on the sides. (but dont over-do it)
3. When people notice something they want to buy is closeby, they are more likely to buy it (so use geo-locations)
4. Upsell is easier than selling. When someone is about to buy, throw in a great deal for them, that they can not refuse.
5. Make people work for shit! Set restrictions for people in order to buy, when the restrictions are met. Congratulate them.

General rules for headlines:
6a 1. use numbers and negative words in your headline.
2.65 characters or fewer.
3. headline (equals) content
4. odd numbers are better (for some unknown reason, perhaps someone can shed a light on this?)
5. 6 word headlines!
6. Avoid words with multiple meanings.
7. use power words + adjectives
(fun, effortless, painstaking, strange, incredible, essential, absolute, happy, gentle, eager, melodic, modern and quick are examples)

This is for headline and blog post also.
6b. 1. evoke curiosity (generate clicks)
2. headline (equals) content (again hehe)
3. conversational tone (you and I)
4. dont be too salesy
5. should be clear and easy to read (the blog also)
6. make loading times fast for mobile (and desktop alike, use something called AMP?)
7. Answer objections!

Some tips
If someone lingers on your site, ask a question: What did you come to our site for? Were you able to do it succesfully = yes or no? Send button.
Why should they pay you instead of your competition?
Your landing page should be short and easy. (with a BIG buy button to end it all)
1. Apeal to no techies (so easy talk anyone can read)
2. Let people know how easy the product is to use
3. A short video is better than a short image explaining how to use the product
4. what is the catch, why free? (give something but ask media attention in return)

7. Evoke fear (personally not my cup of tea, I can see why this would work, but do you really want to be such a person?)
8. Send out an e-mail asking for a favour.
Hey (John, Dennis, whoever) I need a favor can you help? (plus I have some good news)

I have a favor that I am asking of you I want to help aspiring (your market audience) by providing them with (your product).
I make these amazing (your product) and (product). No, I am not here to sell you (in-fact the opposite). What I want you to do is help me reach out and in exchange I will send you a free sample. All you have to do is let other people know about my product. And share this link (insert link) on your facebook/twitter or wherever you like.

With kind regards,
your name
you logo

(your landing page, link?)

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