Maths For learning Computer Science (Programming + WebDev)

Maths and computer science go hand in hand. In my view the 3 most important math fields that are important in computer science are:

Discrete maths
Set theory, logic, combinatorics
Number theory
Vital in cryptography and security.
Geometry and Matrices
Game theory etc.
1. Linear Algebra. (Matrix issues, SVD, eigenvalues, etc.)
2. Probability
2. Statistics
3. Convex optimization

1. Set Theory (falls under Abstract Alg.) [Very Very Important]
2. Probability [Very Very Important]
3. Graph Theory [Very Very Very Important]
4. Abstract Algebra [Ring, fields, Sets]
5. Number Theory [Very Important]
6. Convex Optimizations [Important from Research Prospective]
7. Statistics [Important from Research Prospective]
8. Propositional Logic and Proofs.
9. Counting or Permutations and Combination
10. Linear Algebra and Some trigonometry [Required for Computer Graphics or GameDev]
11. Computational Geometry [Important from Research Prospective]

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