Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam, PSU banker criticize and troll every entrepreneur of India

Now you are talking like a famous Robotics Expert

He only listens to German CEOs and Google Bosses. I presume even Bill gates or Elon Musk are not that particular but still…lets assume his level his higher than them both.

Where did this notion come from? That PSU Bankers cannot criticize? That only International Bankers can criticize

I can bet this is a Made in India notion set by the Mediocrities to ensure that their utter mediocrity is hidden and is depicted as Tremendous Success.

What qualifications do you need to express your opinions when asked?

What exactly is this Halfwit assumption that a Government or PSU Banker is unworthy to criticize the ‘Entrepreneurs’

We Government people or PSU Bankers can spot an Entrepreneur from 1000 miles. After all we have seen so many of these ‘Entrepreneurs’. Same Glossy Brochures, Same Hype, Same Photos and finally – “Sir…Account has become NPA”

And my dear friends – most of your ‘Entrepreneurs’ already have previously failed ventures. Very few are first timers who have hit the formula. They have already appeared in many previous avatars – hyping a different product- a different office and then closing down the business and being reborn in a new Avatar.

Just the last 3 years have seen 14 Startups that raised $ 65 Million in total Collapse and fail.

These ‘Entrepreneurs’ were also giving interviews until 3 years ago talking of millions and billions and talking with contempt about their critics saying they dont know business models or economic models.

Today some of them are huddling at home avoiding calls from investors or their goons, trying to pawn their wives jewelry or family home to get around.

This ‘Gentleman’ said the same thing. He scoffed at his critics. He scoffed at Government Officials calling them ‘Babus’. He called them – Government Mentality.

And Halfwits of course said the same thing- ‘Cool Sir’, ‘What a Great Guy’. Today they are dodging the bank calls and begging the same guy to refund part of their fees while working at jobs for 1/5 the pay they deserve.

And he is in and out of jail but drives a bentley. This is your Entrepreneur!!!!!

Here are things a Real Entrepreneur does. I have seen a handful of them. Good guys like Mr Jayanth of Manis Dum Biriyani that i mentioned once before or other such entrepreneurs:-

  • They accept criticism. They dont care who criticizes them. They can differentiate between trolls and criticism.
  • They DONT LIE. They are truthful. If you tell them their Biryani sucked – they nod and try to find out what was wrong with it.
  • They never ever ever ever ever deride people. Even Anand Mahindras General Manager – took the time to answer a mail from me about his Rs. 7500/- ventilator after i sent a critical mail to him. I ended up apologizing to him. It was CCed to Anand Mahindra as well. The explanation was perfectly logical.

Now here are the things that certain people do.

  • They dodge criticism. They cannot stand it. They report the Twitter account owner, Youtube owner. They run from the Critics
  • They abuse the people criticizing them.

You will notice most of these people are people with a very shaky foundation.

  • Anyone in this Country or Earth can Criticize Any Entrepreneur
  • An Entrepreneur asks for Funds, his eventual aim is to go to a Public Offering, his eventual market is the Public – HE HAS TO LISTEN TO HIS CRITICS
  • PSU Bankers, Govt Officials have seen thousands and thousands of ‘Entrepreneurs’ and can spot a real one in minutes. Most of the time it is because of Political Pressure that Loans are sanctioned otherwise Nirav Modi would have been tossed out in 10 minutes like State Bank of India did.

Criticism is NOT Trolling. Trolling is going personal like many half wits are doing now. Berating people are Govt Officials or Bank Servants or Retired Tamilian Banker – that is Trolling. Criticism is simply saying – “Your company sucks for these reasons” and giving those reasons.

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