I tested hundreds of marketing tools in the last three years and these 50 made it to the list. I’ll sum up my top 50 marketing tools with one or two sentences + give you pricings.

Hey guys,

I’m working in a growth marketing agency. Marketing tools are 30% of what we do, so we use them a lot and experiment with the new ones as much as possible.

There are thousands of tools and it’s easy to get lost, so I wanted to share the tools we use most on a daily basis. And divide the list into 14 categories.

I thought this could be handy for Entrepreneurs subreddit.

Why adopt tools? I see marketing tools as tireless colleagues. If you can’t hire an employee, choosing the right tool can solve your problems, because they

  • Are super cheap.

  • Work 7/24 for you.

  • Don’t make mistakes.

  • Don’t need management. (or needless management)

  • Help you to automate the majority of your lead gen process.

Onwards to the list.

(With the pricings post ended up quite long, you can find a link in the end if you want to check the prices)

Email marketing tools

#1 ActiveCampaign is armed with the most complicated email automation features and has the most intuitive user experience. It feels like you already know how to use it.

#2 Autopilot is visual marketing automation and customer journey tool that helps you acquire, nurture based on behaviors, interest etc.

#3 Mailjet: This is the tool we use to send out bulky email campaigns such as newsletters. It doesn’t have sexy features like others but does its job for a cheap price.

Email address finders

#4 Skrapp finds email of your contacts by name and company. It also works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and can extract thousands of emails in bulk + have a browser add-on.

#5 Hunter: Similar to Skrapp but doesn’t work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly. In addition, there are email templates and you can set up email campaigns.

Prospecting and outreach tools

#6 Prospect combines the personal emails, follow-up calls, other social touches and helps you create multichannel campaigns.

#7 Reply is a more intuitive version of Prospect. It is easy to learn and use; their UX makes you feel good and sufficient.

CRM tools

#8 Salesflare helps you to stop managing your data and start managing your customers. Not yet popular as Hubspot and etc but the best solution for smaller B2B businesses. (we’re fans)

#9 Hubspot: The most popular CRM for good reason and has a broader product range you can adopt in your next steps. Try this if you have a bulky list of customers because it is free.

#10 Pardot: Pardot is by Salesforce, it’s armed with features that can close the gap between marketing and sales.

Sales Tools

#11 Salesforce is the best sales automation and lead management software. It helps you to create complicated segmentations and run, track, analyze campaigns from the same dashboard.

#12 LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you full access to LinkedIn’s user database. You can even find a kidnapped CEO if you know how to use it with other marketing automation tools like Skrapp.

#13 Pipedrive is a simple tool and excels in one thing. It tracks your leads and tells you when to take the next action. It makes sales easier.

#14 Qwilr creates great-looking docs, at speed. You can design perfect proposals, quotes, client updates, and more in a flash. We use it a lot to close deals, it’s effective.

#15 Crystalknows is an add-on that tells you anyone’s personality on LinkedIn and gives you a detailed approach specific to that person. It’s eerily accurate.

#16 Leadfeeder shows you the companies that visited your website. Tells how they found you and what they’re interested in. It has a free version.

Communication Tools

#17 Intercom is a sweet and smart host that welcomes your visitors when you’re not home. It’s one of the best chatbot tools in the market.

#18 Drift is famous for its conversational marketing features and more sales-focused than Intercom.

#19 Manychat is a chatbot that helps you create high converting Facebook campaigns.

#20 Plann3r helps you create your personalized meeting page. You can schedule meetings witch clients, candidates, and prospects.

#21 Loom is a video messaging tool, it helps you to be more expressive and create closer relationships.

#22 Callpage collects your visitors’ phone number and connects you with them in seconds. No matter where you are.

Landing page tools

#23 Instapage is the best overall landing page builder. It has a broad range of features and even squirrel can build a compelling landing page with templates. No coding needed.

#24 Unbounce can do everything that Instapage does and lets you build a great landing page without a developer. But it’s less intuitive.

Lead generation / marketing automation tools

#25 Phantombuster is by far the most used lead generation software in our tool kit. It extracts data, emails, sends requests, customized messages, and does many things on autopilot in any platform.

You can check thisthis and this if you want to see it in action.

#26 Duxsoup is a Google Chrome add-on and can also automate some of LinkedIn lead generation efforts like Phantombuster. But not works in the cloud.

#27 Zapier is a glue that holds all the lead generation tools together. With Zapier, You can connect different marketing tools and no coding required.

Conversion rate optimization tools

#28 Hotjar tracks what people are doing on your website by recording sessions and capturing mouse movements. Then it gives you a heatmap.

#29 UsabilityHub shows your page to a digital crowd and measures the first impressions and helps you to validate your ideas.

#30 Optinmonster is a top tier conversion optimization tool. It helps you to capture leads and enables you to increase conversions rates with many features.

#31 Notifia is one mega tool of widgets that arms your website with the wildest social proof and lead capturing tactics.

#32 Sumo is a much simpler version of Notifia. But Sumo has everything to help you capture leads and build your email lists.

Web scrapers

#33 Data Miner is a Google Chrome browser extension that helps you scrape data from web pages and into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

#34 Webscraper does the same thing as Data Miner; however, it is capable of handling more complex tasks.

SEO and Content

#35 Grammarly: Your English could be your first language and your grammar could be better than Shakespeare. Grammarly still can make your writing better.

#36 Hemingwayapp is a copywriting optimization tool that gives you feedback about your copy and improves your readability score, makes your writing bolder and punchier. Free.

#37 Ahrefs is an all-rounder search engine optimization tool that helps you with off-page, on-page or technical SEO.

#38 SurferSEO makes things easier for your on-page SEO efforts. It’s a tool that analyzes top Google results for specific keywords and gives you a content brief based on that data.

Video editing and design tools

#39 Canva is a graphic design platform that makes everything easy. It has thousands of templates for anything from Facebook ads, stylish presentations to business cards.

#40 Kapwing is our go-to platform for quick video edits. It works on the browser and can help you to create stylish videos, add subtitles, resize videos, create memes, or remove backgrounds.

#41 Animoto can turn your photos and video clip into beautiful video slideshows. It comes handy when you want to create an advertising material but don’t have a budget.

Advertising tools

#42 AdEspresso lets you create and test multiple ads with few clicks. You can optimize your FB, IG, and Google ads from this tool and measure your ads with in-depth analytics.

#43 AdRoll is an AI-driven platform that connects and coordinates marketing efforts across ads, email, and online stores.

Other tools

#44 Replug helps you to shorten, track, optimize your links with call-to-actions, branded links, and retargeting pixels

#45 Draw.io = Mindmaps, schemes, and charts. With Draw.io, you can put your brain in a digital paper in an organized way.

#46 Built With is a tool that finds out what websites are built with. So you can see what tools they’re using and so on.

#47 Typeform can turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. This tool helps you to engage your audience with conversational forms or surveys and help you to collect more data.

#48 Livestorm helped us a lot, especially in COVID-19 tiles. It’s a webinar software that works on your browser, mobile, and desktop.

#49 Teachable – If you have an online course idea but hesitating because of the production process, Teachable can help you. It’s easy to configure and customizable for your needs.

#50 Viral Loops provides a revolutionary referral marketing solution for modern marketers. You can create and run referral campaigns in a few clicks with templates.

Remember, most of these tools have a free trial or free version. Going over them one by one can teach you a lot and help you grow your business with less work power in the early stages of your business.

I hope you enjoyed the read and can find some tools to make things easier!

Let me know about your favorite tools in the comments, so I can try them out.


If you want to check the prices and see a broader explanation about the tools, you can go here.

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