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Read these pages very carefully Make sure that you read these rules very very carefully. It’s more important than you think

Offering to complete tasks that violate the rules will also result in a ban. Please familiarize yourself with the rules before bidding on tasks. Also, please use report button on content against the rules to alert mods. Do NOT directly contact mods for sub related matters, send a modmail.


No tasks or offers related to homework or schoolwork are allowed and will result in a BAN. This includes textbooks, application essays, revising/editing/proofreading of essays/papers/reports, Anki/Quizlet, and tutoring for homework or schoolwork. Unlocking (Chegg, Course Hero, etc.) is also not allowed. If your post was removed for this reason please find a more appropriate subreddit for it.
Your account must be more than 1 month old to post and have had recent and regular activity on reddit. There is an undisclosedminimum karma requirement and do NOT send us a modmail regarding this, no exceptions. Karma farming to post here is not allowed and a BAN.
It’s not a task or offer unless you are paying(no contest, commission work, or payment plan) or getting paid (no free and tips) money for your own work. No personal stories or donations.
No sabotaging tasks or offers by commenting solutions on the post or not expecting payment. You must send ANYcompleted work through PM/chat, do not comment it on the post.
Undercutting tasks or offers in the comments is not allowed and a BAN.
If you have received a few responses already, please close your post, at least temporarily. If those responses are not to your liking, you are free to open your post back up.
Tasks or offers involving affiliate/referral signups or phone verification are not allowed here and should be posted in the appropriate SlaveLabour Network subreddit.
Offer posts that say only “anything” are not allowed. Only offer things you have an expertise in. No advertising outside the sub.
Please flair your post as Closed once you no longer need help or have no more help to give.
You must describe your task or offer in the post. No post-to-PM-for-info.
Commenting PMed (or some variant) is mandatory when contacting an OP. Using a bot to do so is not allowed and a BAN. Scammers on the Universal Scammer List (USL) are unable to comment, check users on it. Do NOT engage in transactions with users who do not comment with the same username on your post. They may be trying to scam you.
Currency exchange is not allowed.
No borrowing or loaning money.
Gift card buying or selling is not allowed.
Facebook (FB) tasks or offers involving a FB ad account are not allowed.
Buying/selling/sharing/upgrading/linking accounts or items is not allowed and a BAN. No piracy.
You are allowed to repost only every 3 days after your post (Closed included) is off the sub front page. Deleting and reposting before this is a BAN.
Asking users or offering to do product/store/page/app/personal reviews/testimonials/ratings/votes is not allowed and a BAN.
Mods can use their discretion to perform any mod action.

How to Tag Your Post
Use [TASK] in start of title for posting work you need done.

Use [OFFER] in start of title for advertising your service.

Use [CLOSED] flair when your task or offer is finished. How to flair it

How to Get Flair
Get confirmed transactions on your /r/SLRep profile and then comment with a link to it on the flair thread. Legitimacy will be checked for.

Send a modmail with unredacted screenshots of your entire conversations with the scammer as proof to have them banned on here and the Universal Scammer List (USL) as a scammer on reddit.

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