For fucks sake guys, do the Lean Startup Method

I’m seeing a lot of posts from noobs who have no idea what they’re doing.

First, pick a niche and start talking with your target audience. Just to throw something out there, have 20 phone conversations with your target audience. Until you do that you’ll have no fucking idea what the product needs to do for your customers.

Next, follow the lean startup model.

  1. Build (your minimally viable product. Don’t be a perfectionist because you’re scared of the next step.)

  2. Test it. (validate it in the market. Do people buy it. Measure)

  3. Pivot. (is the idea shit? Pivot to a new one and restart from step 1. Is the idea okay but needs improvement? Change it – and restart from step 1)

Edit: smarter and more successful people than me are suggesting alternate (“better”) approaches than the Lean Startup Method:

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