DAY 26: From Zero to Website Launch-A recap of everything that got us here!


Day 1: Figuring out what site I would do next, choosing the industry and domain
Day 2: Site Design and Elements of Trust
Day 3: Using Yelp to Figure out How Much and in What Areas The Competition Sucks
Day 4: We Figured out How to Price To Make Booking Online Easy
Day 5: Figuring out our customer service mindset
Day 6: Finding and Rewarding Superstar workers
DAY 7: Our One Page Business Plan
Day 8: Signed On our First Team and how to do it
Day 9: Laying on Value and Pricing what we want
Day 10: Interviewing and Finding Teams on Craiglist
Day 11: Ecommerce Elements-Affiliates, Gift Cards, Discount Codes, etc.
Day 12: List of Marketing Channels
Day 13: Adding a Charity Component
Day 14: Adding Multiple Ways to Contact us
Day 15: Launching Like a Startup
Day 16: Copywriting, Terms of Conditions, About Page
Day 17: Social Proof
Day 18: Adwords-Keywords & Adgroups
Day 19: Adwords II Keywords Spreadsheet
Day 20: Adwords III Spreadsheet Details
Day 21: Adwords Iv Spreadsheet Details
Day 22: Planning the Checkout Page
Day 23: More Adwords-Negative Keywords and Geographic Targeting
Day 24: Uploading Ads
Day 25: Branding and Consistency
Day 26:LAUNCH DAY!!! (27 Actual Days Later)

So This is what got us here. The entire blueprint to go from an idea to being ready to take on our first client.

So today I partnered with the first charity and am ready to get this bad boy going.

Costs so far:
$450 web design
$100 Twitter and Banner ad design
$500 Web Development
$100 Charity Donation
$20 Fiverr

Total $1,170

At the end of the day, building your local site with these methods and working and learning online marketing in a systematic way, will be the cheapest real word education you could get. A $1,000 MBA!

Thanks for hanging around on this crazy ride. 2014 will be fun! 🙂

Obligatory Shameless Plug: If you do end up taking a shot at this, take a look at , the same backend that runs Maidsinblack and quite a few other sites that started here.

P.S If you need additional training on this and to see how you can work with me, go here: and here’s the full program where you get the software, website, and everything you need to get started:

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